An Introduction

I guess i finally took the dive and decided to start a blog.

Its been a long time coming and to be honest im not really sure what im doing or how im planning on approaching this. A good place to start would be an introduction. So hi! My name is Rich Haines i was a film student, then a waiter and bartender in London, then I moved to Sweden and became a scaffholder. It was at this point i started to have a yerning for a creative outlet so decided to start my own company designing wooden sunglasses, all the while i had two children, bought a house and leart to drive. Basically became an adult!

After a couple of years i decided that i needed to break free from manual labour and do something creative fulltime. I took time off work and studied fulltime to learn swedish so that i could enroll on a two year course to learn C#. It was from there that i found my absolute passion in life, coding! Anyway, I passed the course, got a job as a frontend software developer and the rest as they say, is history.