Hello I'm Richard Haines. I'm a software developer who specializes in frontend development with a focus on the JAMstack.

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • Sanity

Twitter: @studio_hungry

gatsby-theme-seo - NPM

A Gatsby theme for site SEO. Enables the user to easily add SEO to their website. Accepts keywords, page title, description and optional image. Also has a twitter card. The component uses React Helmet under the hood and inserts the data into the sites header.

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Mike Rose Illustrations - Website

A minimalist design for a local artist. Site includes an e-commerce store, blog, Instagram and contact form. Backend support is provided via Sanity.
Created with JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Stripe, Sanity and CSS Grid. Utilizes Gatsby Themes

React iconGatsby iconSanity

Familia - Mobile App

A mobile app for the skydiving community. Users can view where in the world the latest jumps are happening. Coaches can submit events. Users can filter on date, location and jump type. Built with React Native and Expo (React Native) with Firebase as the backend.

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gatsby-theme-stripe-checkout-button - NPM

A Gatsby theme that implements a stripe checkout as a button, when submitted the user is re-directed to a secure Stripe payment checkout. The user can style their button however they like enabling seamless integration within any design system or website.

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gatsby-theme-hbs-mdx - NPM

A Gatsby theme that provides a basic MDX setup. Sets up MDX files in a blog folder at the root of the project and programmatically inserts them using a template page. The goal of this theme is to take away any complexity of working with GraphQL queries or plugins.

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Tim Deacon Architect - Website

A clean and simple SPA for an architect. Includes Instagram feed. Backend support is provided via Sanity.
Created with JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Sanity and CSS Grid. Utilizes Gatsby Themes

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Community powered answers to your dev questions. The motivation behind this website is to provide an easy way for developers new and old to search for those annoying things we all forget.

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gatsby-theme-pocket - NPM

A Gatsby theme that adds your saved pocket articles to your gatsby site with inbuilt SEO. The idea behind this theme is to add a curated list of articles of interest to your website. These can be for your personal site where you want to keep a list of articles you read, your business site where you want to show your visitors articles that relate to your market or just a place to save stuff that interests you from the internet.

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Hungry Bear Studio - Website

This website! A portfolio site to showcase my projects, design style and contact information. Built with Gatsby, Emotion CSS in JS and Sanity.

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gatsby-theme-overreacted-toggle - NPM

A Gatsby theme that implements Dan Abramovs dark mode toggle. Custom Theme-ui support out of the box. Uses React context to change the websites colour modes. Component comes with sun and moon images to highlight the change in mode and is used a toggle switch.

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